December 2, 2010

Patient Centered Medical Home: Obstacles and Opportunities

Health Care Symposium

Patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is a comprehensive approach to primary care designed to improve patient health, strengthen the primary care system, and better manage health care costs. At this symposium, a panel of experts discusses national efforts to adopt the model, the experience of the nation’s largest PCMH implementation (led by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan), the role of PCMH in health reform, and new research into PCMH barriers and accelerators that can be applied by practitioners and policy makers alike. Featured speakers: Diane Rittenhouse, Jeff Alexander, Jean Malouin, David Share, Marianne Udow-Phillips, and Chris Wise.

October 29, 2010

Adapting to Change: Health Care Safety Net Services and Health Care Reform

Health Care Symposium

The health care safety net will continue to be a vital component of the overall health care system as the environment changes under health reform. This symposium shares research on the viability of the safety net and highlights opportunities and challenges for safety net providers under health care reform. Safety net providers and support organizations learn about successful delivery models and tools that can help them optimize resources and adapt to a changing environment. Researchers, policy makers, and others attending the symposium in person or online can identify more opportunities — through policy options, research, or funding, for example — to ensure access to care for vulnerable populations who may be newly insured or remain uninsured under health care reform.