About CHRT

The Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation (CHRT) illuminates best practices and opportunities for improving health policy and practice. Based at the University of Michigan, CHRT is a non-profit partnership between U-M and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan with a mission to promote evidence-based care delivery, improve population health, and expand access to care. CHRT combines the research strengths of the University with the health plan expertise and patient/provider network of BCBSM to test the best ideas for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the health care system. CHRT is also committed to informing and educating the public through a range of events and reports relevant to policy makers and the public at large.

CHRT designs and funds demonstration and research projects within two principal areas of focus: 

  • Care delivery and financing systems
  • Population health and access to care

CHRT projects are selected in part based on their potential for national impact and their applicability to a broad range of communities and care settings.