Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation

At the University of Michigan

Who is CHRT?

CHRT (pronounced “Chart”) is a non-profit partnership of the University of Michigan (U-M) and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) with a mission to promote evidence based care delivery, improve population health, and expand access to care. Housed at the University of Michigan, CHRT is committed to helping policy makers make decisions based on facts. CHRT tests new ideas through demonstration projects, informs and educates the public through policy briefs and symposia and brings policy makers and researchers together through the CHRT Fellowship at the University of Michigan.

Health Care Reform

Describes key provisions of the Affordable Care Act and its impact in Michigan and nationally as well as briefs and systematic analyses of other major health care policy issues and trends.


Includes information on health insurance coverage, including the uninsured and privately and publicly insured, health care premiums and cost sharing, and safety net providers and uncompensated hospital care in Michigan and nationally. Trend data is provided.


Includes survey information about Michigan consumers and providers’ experience with access and coverage, health status and experiences with the health care system.  Benchmarks and trend data is provided.


Provides data on the cost of health care, reflecting payments and charges by diagnosis and procedures in Michigan and nationally along with an identification of key areas of use of health care services and regional variations in care.  Trend data is provided to enable tracking of changes in cost and use patterns over time.

Delivery System

Includes information on the major emerging structures of health care delivery and  changes occurring in the medical care and public health systems in Michigan and nationally.